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Rulex Innovation Labs

Rulex Innovation Labs is specialized in research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and in machine learning software.

Rulex Innovation Labs (RIL) represents the headquarters for the research and development of the American company Rulex Inc.. Which specializes in Artificial Intelligence and in particular in B2B applications on decision & and process automation through the machine learning technology called LLM (Logic learning Machine), contained inside the software product sold under the name of Rulex Analytics®.

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Physicist and President and CEO of Rulex Innovation Labs. For years has covered managerial roles in innovative companies and start-ups on an international level. Over a decade of experience in data analysis and managing complex projects concerning the solution of business related problems that required large amounts of data.

Physicist and expert in innovative start-ups. Administers the company and manages the office in Boston. Over a decade of experience in the administration and management of high-tech companies and innovative start-ups.

Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, researcher and inventor of the Rulex technology. Three decades of experience in the development of advanced machine learning techniques and their implementation for solving real life problems concerning Big Data.

PhD in Astrophysics and Applied Physics, experience in the field of scientific research and development through the application of machine learning technologies.

PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, expert in the development of complex software projects. Multi-year experience in the research and development of cross-platform software tools for the analysis of data.

Masters in Computer Engineering, expert in software development and in the realization of interactive graphic interfaces. Conduction of Big Data projects.

PhD in Astrophysics and Applied Physics, experience in the field of scientific research and development through the application of machine learning technologies.

PhD in Mathematics and Geometry, multi-year experience in developing algorithms and their successive implementation and integration in software.

PhD in Physics and expert in the extraction of algorithms for the extraction of knowledge from Big Data in an amplitude of settings. Over a decade of experience in data analysis and management of complex projects concerning the solution of problems requiring large amounts of data.

Masters in Mathematics, experience in data analysis, management of databases and algorithmic implementation of mathematical and statical models.

Masters in Computer Science, over ten year experience in research and development in the computer science field. Projecting and development of innovative business solutions.

Masters in Management Engineering, experience in Project Management, Design Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship being able to adapt to various cultural contexts.

PhD in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics and Telecommunications. Expert in software development, in the particular regarding the projecting and realization of association rule mining algorithms and the conduction of Big Data Projects.

Masters in Computer Science, experience via Rulex where, in parallel with university, has aided Rulex’s researchers during his bachelors and masters degree.

Masters in Mathematics, expert in logic, statistics and C, C++, GOLD programming.

Degrees in modern languages ​​and naturopathic sciences, multi-year experience in the writing of technical documentation and in the preparation of technical presentations and marketing, tutorials, courses in e-learning format and video marketing.

Master’s in Engineering and Telecommunications, multi-year experience in business management, marketing strategies and project management. Founder of innovative start-ups and founder of research projects and innovation development.

Bachelors in Computer Science, Over ten year experience in the management of international projects in the field of fintech, with specific focus on the creation of decisional processes in the field of risk management.

PhD in Electronic Engineering, multi-year academic experience in scientific research in the field of computer science.

Over ten year experience in the computer science field, in particular as a systems administrator, in the administration of databases, configuration of software systems, hardware and in general in the solving of computer problems.

PhD in Science and Technology for Electronic and Telecommunication for engineering. Multi-year experience in academic research in the computer science sector.

High School Graduate in Information Technology, first working experience.

PhD in Sociology, multi-year experience in management and corporate organization, event organization, management of human resources, communications and management of European projects with particular focus on research, development and innovation.

PhD in Arts, Show Business and Multimedia Technologies. Experience in the development and administrative management of research projects and in the management of corporate administration.

Bachelors in Linguistics and Modern Culture, experience in the management and development of European projects, event organization and team work.

R&D Innovations

The company Rulex Innovation Labs (RIL) is a company created to manage all the activities of research and development for Rulex Inc. and its clients.

For this purpose RIL employs personal with research and development experience on an international scale, both in an industrial and academic setting.

Today Rulex counts 34 employees, 23 of which are based in Genova in RIL. Of these, more than 38% is composed of specialists in industrial research, in some cases foreigners or Italians that have re-entered to work for RIL. These employees have a high level of techno-scientific competences, that make RIL an extremely competitive research center in the world.

To be able to exploit its function to the full potential, RIL keeps good connections with various research institutes such as CNR.

RIL is also a part of SIIT ScpA, ligurian technological district on integrated intelligent systems and the technologies whose main goal is to promote and favour the competitivity of the productive area in which is present and the sector in which it operates.

Furthermore RIL is involved in various sponsored research projects, both on an European and national scale.

Costs of research and innovation: upwards of 350.000 euros as indicated in the financial report.



Our Numbers



Today Rulex counts 34 employees, 23 of which are based in Genova in RIL. Of these, more than 38% is composed of specialists in industrial research


R&D Costs 

Costs of research and innovation are upwards of 350.000 euros

Company Info
VAT no.

Registration No
C.C.I.A.A. di Genova REA 430127

Founded in Genova on 03/12/2007 in the Studio Notarile Luigi Francesco Risso e Domenico Parisi, Via XII Ottobre 12/3, 16121, Genova.

Contact Us
Via Felice Romani 9/2
16122, Genova, Italy

Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–6:00PM
Phone: +39 010 8050190

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